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= Rails Money

Note! This is NOT compatible with the 'money' gem!

A handler for storing money in ActiveRecord objects as integers (as cents), but dealing
with them as Money Objects.

Note: Dividing a money object will return an array of Money objects. This ensures cents 
do not go missing.

For example:

  >> money = Money.new(10.00)
  => #<Money:0xb76b3e14 @cents=1000> 
  >> money / 3
  => [#<Money:0xb76b3e14 @cents=433>, #<Money:0xb76b3f2c @cents=333>, #<Money:0xb76b3f04 @cents=333>]

All other operations (+, -, *, and Comparable stuff) will work without any surprises or magic. 

== Usage

Create your tables with fields named FIELDNAME_in_cents and you will be able to access them as
FIELDNAME. ActiveRecord will return Money objects instead of Fixnums.

  add_column :products, :price_in_cents, :integer
  product = Product.find_first
  product.price = 100.00
  product.price >> #<Money @cents=10000>

Creating a Money can be done from a Fixnum (dollars) or a Float (dollars.cents). To create a money
object from just cents, do Money.create_from_cents(100) 

== Feedback

Any suggestions, fixes, or improvements - lemme know, jerrett at gmail