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These are my .files. They help me keep my life sane when I switch between my beloved iMac and MacBook Air.


(This entire project piggybacks off of oh-my-zsh, so you're going to want to install that first.)

Want to give this a shot? Actually, that's rhetorical since I'm asking myself that question. This is here so I don't forget since I'm prone to doing so.

curl | sh

Running this will overwrite your existing .zshrc file, so make sure to back it up first! I claim no responsibility for any absent-mindedness (except my own). You can also create the symlinks manually if you wish.

This process will also add an unsightly bin directory to your home folder. If you don't want to see this in Finder:

chflags hidden ~/bin


Updating .files is as easy as running:


Special Stuff

As of git 1.7.10, you can include files in your .gitconfig. I have moved all of my sensitive configurations (include name and email, as to not clobber your system) into the below .gitconfig.private file.

    path = /Users/Bryan/.gitconfig.private


Crazy ideas beget other crazy ideas, and for those I have these fine people to thank: