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Trouble handling tar files whose contents begin with `./foo` #32

pjungwir opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I'm trying to get ark to unpack and install Proj 4.8.0 (tar.gz), but that file's contents all begin with ./proj-4.8.0/ rather than the usual proj-4.8.0/. Ark puts the contents into /usr/local/proj-4.8.0/proj-4.8.0, and then fails with this message:

STDERR: /tmp/chef-script20130114-23913-e0cf59: line 1: ./ No such file or directory

Here is an example recipe:

proj_version = node['proj']['version']
ark "proj" do
  url "{proj_version}.tar.gz"
  version proj_version
  action [:configure, :install_with_make]
  creates "/usr/local/proj-#{proj_version}"

I also tried the above with path "/usr/local/proj-#{proj_version}" and path "/usr/local".

Perhaps this problem is the fault of the Proj packagers, but it'd be awfully nice if Ark was robust enough to handle this kind of thing.

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