Convert BibTeX entries to formatted Markdown for use with the kramdown processor
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BibTeX to markdown formatter

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This Python script takes a BibTeX bibliography file and converts the entries to the format used by my website, The BibTeX file for testing was generated by export from Mendeley, although Mendeley is fairly standards conforming, so most standard BibTeX files should work as well. bibtextomd is Python 3 ONLY!


From the command line, [options]

runs the script. Running with no options specified prints the help. The default file names for the BibTeX input and Markdown output are refs.bib and respectively.


-h, --help: Print the help and exit

-o filename, --output=filename: Set the filename of the markdown output. Default:

-b filename, --bibfile=filename: Set the filename of the BibTeX input. Default: refs.bib

-a 'author', --author='f.a. name': Set the name of the author to be highlighted. Default:
"F.A. Author". Name should be specifed between double quotes: "F.A. Author"