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bryceco commented Jan 26, 2013

Need an option for creating/uploading GPX tracks

This gets my vote for next major enhancement. I was actually expecting to start logging a track if I press and held the GPS button - instead I found search.


When I read "Track your location and heading" in the features, I expected recording tracks. That would be great of course.

But the next step should be displaying a track. Thats what I need for my edits. I see two ways to get them:

  • Accepting the file extension *.GPS form the iOS-API. That would also work with Dropbox.
  • Downloading from the OSM-API
    What ever may be the simplest to code.

bryceco commented Feb 6, 2013

We'll track creating a GPX with this bug (#23).

Displaying a GPX will be here: #45


bryceco commented Feb 23, 2013

I'm ready to start implementing this, but I've never used GPX traces in any form. What features do we need? Obviously start/stop recording and uploading/e-mailing. Beyond that, what?

Oh! Recording is good. But import and display existing tracks may be more important.
I have several devices to record and a lot of tracks in the que.
Recording: start pause-toggle stop->save,mail,dropbox,OSM-upload. Later: merge near by points.
You may buy Motion-X GPS as an example for much features and ugly interface.

my ideal use case is using gomap to record a track.

start, stop, email, and upload to osm. plot the track while it is being recorded, give me total path length as a nice reference when hiking

of the tracks recorded, give me option to choose which ones to plot on the map so i can use them for map creation later.

I am very excited to have this as the next major feature!

qurm commented Apr 15, 2013


I'd also like to see a track creation feature in Go Map! as a priority. It is a great app for POIs, but to record new tracks/paths it is not that easy, as you have to constantly add nodes.

From my experience (with OSM Tracker) you need to be able to start, stop and start a new track;
In the settings allow user to chose 1) the frequency of datapoints (each 10s, 1min etc), 2)optional recording of dpop, 3) naming of tracks
Some apps seem to write a file as GPX as the app runs, others store the data internally and then export to GPX format on demand. If you write GPX/XML as you go, then consider how you will close the XML file nicely if the app suddenly terminates.
The features to analyse a track as trip and calculate speed, distance, duration etc (above from knelbley) are nice to have, but of secondary importance.
I'd suggest you keep it very simple at the beginning. I'd be happy to do some testing if you need help..


Strava is a free app which lets you record and export GPX tracks. You have to download the GPX from the website though.

ios program 'mAPP' implemented it the way i was thinking. hit record to start recording, and then email the gpx to yourself when done.


bryceco commented Oct 6, 2015

My approach for GPX is going to be pretty simplistic:

  • Any time the GPS is active I'm recording a corresponding GPX track
  • A GPX overlay toggle will display all GPXs on the map so they can be traced as ways.
  • A list of tracks sorted by creation date and duration will allow uploading to OSM (or other sharing).
  • Selecting a GPX in another app (Safari) will provide an "open in Go Map!!" option and save the track alongside the user generated tracks
  • GPX data will be deleted automatically after a certain amount of time (7 days?) so it doesn't grow indefinitely
  • There is UI for deleting all tracks, or tracks individually

This eliminates the start/stop/name interaction at the cost of naming.

Auto delete may be a bit unfriendly without an OK from the user.
You may ask for delete when gomap!! is startet/once per day.
If the size of all tracks is below a limit, no delete is needed anyway

There some ideas (always):
If the track is next to a known way, it could "snap in"
A track (-part) with a lot of GPS-Points, could be "softened" and convertet do a new way.


bryceco commented Oct 7, 2015

I've changed it to make the delete time configurable. The goal is for the GPX tracks to not bog down the app even for people who are unaware of the feature, so the default will still be 7 days.


bryceco commented Nov 3, 2015

Now available

bryceco closed this Nov 3, 2015

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