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fit to object #35

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enhancement idea - kind of hard so feel free to ignore.

Some objects from Bing! should be able to be traced with minimum input effort from the user. I have picked two ideal cases that an algorithm should be able to solve. Many are not ideal but for the easy ones it would be nice to have the computer try and help me.

The extreme contrast between the roof line and the ground, with the assumption buildings are usually built with square angles should be able to fit my poor edit to the object pretty well.

I am entering a path, if the computer makes some assumptions that the points i have entered are close to the path then there is a pretty defined path between the points the computer could fill in the remaining points to fit the path.

Given how many non ideal cases there are, i won't be unhappy if not worth the effort.


I'm no lawyer, so having a little trouble finding the section.

in that PDF, next to last line on page 1. '[may not] perform geocoding transactions'. That must be it.. too bad.


I can't find it either but I've heard it said when people have suggested automating the process before. However there is also this:
so maybe something is possible

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