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bryceco commented Feb 6, 2013

Should be able to display a GPX track:

Accepting the file extension *.GPS form the iOS-API. That would also work with Dropbox.
Downloading from the OSM-API What ever may be the simplest to code.

Agreed, the ability to import GPX tracks into the app for upload to OSM and for direct editing/tagging could be very useful. Users could then use other track recording apps that suit there needs (cycling apps for example), and then make use of that data in Go Map! to the benefit of OSM.

KML too, since google earth can only import GPX but cannot export it.

Google? What do you want to do with Google. OSM can't use Google data (C)

I often import GPX files into Google Earth and edit the track (eg: delete some points at the start/end), then export it. Since the only export option is KML I have to first use some other tool to convert KML to GPX before using the edited track.

It would be convenient if GoMap could import both GPX and KML files. Nothing to do with google's copyrighted map data, we're just talking about tracks that have been edited inside Google Earth.


bryceco commented Oct 6, 2015

GPX is coming. KML is too complex to be worth the effort.

Hey, you are alive! Go on, I still love and use "go map!!"

Just download public tracks and show! Very need that!


bryceco commented Nov 3, 2015

Latest release has this.

bryceco closed this Nov 3, 2015

Can it download public tracks in vector form ? Image layer with tracks stops upadting more than year ago, so new tracks are not shown.


bryceco commented Nov 3, 2015

If you are in Safari (for example) and click on a gpx track there should be an option to open it in Go Map!!

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