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when 'satellite only - no editing' or 'Mapnik only - no editing' are selected, the plus (+) icon is still live (white and clickable), upon clicking it the message of 'Editing layer not visible' is shown briefly and then hidden.

is it better to gray and disable the + icon instead?


I think I prefer the current behavior with the warning. Sometimes I forget that I've turned off the editing layer and it isn't obvious why I can't add a node.


fair enough - I"ll finish my input on this so your aware of my thought process, which unfortunately may not be that of a 'normal' user, but I share it for your amusement. Leave as is is fine.

by graying the icon - it would be immediate feedback that the layer is not active - and not require you to press the +, find out editing is disabled, and then go to settings and enable it. The user would glance at the status (see its gray and disabled) and proceed directly to settings to enable it.

you could leave the button active when it is grayed out - and still display the error. (to really convolute things you could give the option to enable editing in the warning message, but that may not fit the UI design)

comments on the error specifically:
no edit

The warning of 'Editing layer not visible' did not make me think I need to go to settings and enable the layer. This is called 'display' in the settings menu, and is a mode without 'no editing' (sorry for double negative, don't not how to explain this better)

Should this warning be "Editor is disabled' or simply 'No editing' or some terminology that more closely matches and gives clues to the settings/display parameter to change if one wants to activate editing?

It came down to my confusion that in settings this is referred to 'display' and the warning indicates a 'layer' which I don't have a setting for layers - I do, but it isn't called a layer.


I agree the warning is poorly phrased.

I'd like this app to be usable by people who don't have any experience using other OSM editors, complete newbies where this is their first exposure to OSM. I know that when I show it to my non-OSM friends they don't understand that there is an editing layer on top of an aerial layer, etc. and the idea you can edit at all doesn't occur to them until I do a demo. My goal is I don't want a newbie to get "stuck" in a mode they don't know how to get out of.

So keeping that in mind is it better to gray it or show a warning? I don't know for sure and I'm open to feedback either way.


graying the icon would be feedback to intermediate users - so not useful to newbies - I still struggle with communicating that edit mode is disabled when the + is clearly active. Is there any alteration that can be made to the icon that indicates it is still active (will display warning) but edits are not active - to me this is a color change to red or yellow - but I'm not sure what to recommend which fits with the very clean UI you have.

Keep the warning - but indicate to 'turn on edits in settings' as it says what to do and where.

now that I look at it - blue would fit the color scheme - as the GPS icon turns blue when active. maybe the same color works to indicate that edit mode is active, turn the icon blue?


I'm leaning towards graying it but still having a popup if you press it.

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