Docker Hub source for brycefisherfleig/certbot-s3front, a certbot plugin for S3/Cloudfront static sites
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Docker Hub source for brycefisherfleig/certbot-s3front, a certbot plugin for provisioning no cost SSL certs on S3/Cloudfront static sites.

This is image is a thin wrapper around the certbot-s3front plugin for certbot, the recommended LetsEncrypt client. This plugin automates the process of provisioning and renewing certificates for S3 hosted static sites which use CloudFront as a CDN.

Why not virtualenv?

Many python developers using virtualenv and friends to manage differing python development environments, and this is a very successful approach. For developers with less familiarity with python or seeking an even simpler way to try out, deploy, or automate use of a python application like certbot-s3front, docker offers a bash one-liner that's guarranteed to work with minimal fuss.


  • Setup an AWS account
  • Create an S3 bucket
  • Add an IAM user with the sample IAM policy


Basic usage

docker run \
  --rm \
  -e EMAIL='' \
  -e S3_BUCKET=example-bucket-name \
  -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=abcdef0123456789EXAMPLE \
  -e \

Optional environment variables:

  • DEBUG - if set to anything, this will cause bash to print all values (including secrets!). Use with caution. (Disabled by default.)
  • REGION - defaults to us-west-1. Set to the same region as your AWS bucket
  • DIRECTORY - the "directory" of your certificate in Cloudfront. Defaults to empty string.