Play episodes of your audio/video podcasts in your HTML 5 enabled browser
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#Podcast Reader in HTML5

Imports podcast feeds to MongoDB and displays the last four to play. Plays inline in HTML5 compliant browsers. While very early in development, the goal is to be able to start playing a podcast on one device, and then start where you left off on another device.

This is a small internal project made by Bryce. I'm just screwing around trying to get brushed up on HTML 5, Sinatra, MongoDB and some JQuery AJAX'ness.

Works in Chrome for sure, maybe others.

Current Features:

  • Import feeds (via command line)
  • View last three feeds
  • Store current playhead from file and start playing from that mark even if started again from another computer
  • Refresh feeds via websocket (requires Thin)


  • Build UI for feed import
  • Autodetect Audio/Video