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Colder than CGB, Still shinier than BitBar
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Unobtanium 0.9.5 [Un]

Proof of Work SHA256D Cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin 0.8.99

3 Minute Block targets //restored as of this version

KGW added.

Fast, progressive (4 blocks over 80) difficulty adjustments of max 10% up/20% down

First 2000 Blocks = subsidy of .001 coins

After 2000 Blocks = 1 Coin per block, halving every 102,000 Blocks

Minimum subsidy of .00001 coin after final halving at 612,000 Blocks

250,000 Max Coins Ever, ~190K-ish for block halving + 60K-ish for long term mining

RPC Port = 65535

P2P Port = 65534

QR Code Support

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