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AmKoin 0.9.9 [AmK]

Proof of Work SHA256D Cryptocurrency based on Unobtanium 0.9.x (Bitcoin 0.8.99)

Kimoto's Gravity Well

EventHorizonDeviation = 1 + (0.7084 * pow((double(PastBlocksMass)/double(28.2)), -1.228))

BlocksTargetSpacing = 7 * 60

PastSecondsMin = TimeDaySeconds * 0.23

PastSecondsMax = TimeDaySeconds * 1


Constant block reward: 0.000023

Maximum coins: 23

20 blocks to mature

6 transactions to confirm

Minimum subsidy of 0.00000010 for all transactions

Estimated PoW lifespan: 5 years

Main Net

Default Port = 23032

RPC Port = 32023

Test Net

Default Port = 28972

RPC Port = 27982




This coin is in honor of the conspiracy theory website Amerikan Konspiracy ( on its sixth consecutive year of operation.


Forked from Unobtanium 0.9.x. Special thanks to cinnamon_carter for all her help. Kimoto's Gravity Well implementation borrowed from Franko. All other copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Super Special Thanks

mojo, skunk, LaResistencia, FancyFree, murnut, FAQ, 13erk0witz, WITCH HUNT, Pam, Watcher-In-The-Shadows, SnowCrash, Vex, skunk, DOGFISHBOY, theindiee, eyeforalie, SCREAMMMMM, Lexion, Sowelu, KIWI, lala, Seeker13, Who, LvB, TheSyndicate, GenniferJentle and everyone else who's going to be pissed off because I didn't mention them.