Automatically space your message and prepend <3 thunder in #<3thunder
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Irssi HeartThunder Script

This Irssi script handles all the formatting/spacing needed for the #<3thunder IRC channel (on Foonetic). Just chat as normal and everything that gets sent to the channel will be appropriately spaced and prefixed with the 15-length(nick) and <3 thunder.

If you have problems, open an issue (or fork/patch/pull-request) :)


To install, just drop the script (the file) into your Irssi scripts folder (e.g. $HOME/.irssi/scripts/). Then load it with

/load script

You should be good to go with the default settings (explained below). Just start chatting in #<3thunder and everything will be formatted automatically.

Auto load

To automatically load the script with irssi, create a symbolic link to the script file in your $HOME/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory

ln -s $HOME/.irssi/scripts/ $HOME/.irssi/scripts/autorun/


There are several settings that you can modify, although the defaults should be perfect.

  • heartthunder_channels - What channel to act upon. Separate multiple with a | (pipe) - Default: #<3thunder
  • heartthunder_prefix - What to prefix your messages with - Default: <3 thunder
  • heartthunder_spacing - The spacing rule. This is used in "spacing-length(nick)" - Default: 15
  • heartthunder_me_as_action - Whether to send /me messages as /me (ACTION) or as a regular message with "/me" inserted. - Default: Yes (ACTION)
  • heartthunder_debug - Turn on debugging messages to your window. You probably shouldn't care, unless heartthunder_channels isn't working/matching right. - Default: Off

To change a setting, use the /set Irssi command.

/set heartthunder_channels #<3thunder|#otherchannel


For more information, specifically on what "<3 thunder" means, its origins, and silly little things like that, please consult the XKCD wiki: