Multiple vEvents broken with location properties set #9

aspencer opened this Issue May 24, 2011 · 3 comments


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When you include the 'location' property on a list of events, the extension only displays the first one.



bryckbost commented May 25, 2011

The first location or the first event?

Only the first event. Sorry for being unclear.

In The example above (not my code but a decent example), if you use the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool
3 events are displayed instead of the 1 from michromeformats.

The locations in the example are using hcards as their location fields, but I can confirm with my code (not live yet) that the same thing is happening from "vanilla" locations. Hope this helps.

I think I have a related issue: it seems the location element is not being parsed properly. In my mark-up, I have the following:

<p class="location">Malaga, Spain</p>

But it, and any other location elements, don't seem to be getting parsed correctly, as when I use the extension to export to Google Calendar, the entry in my Calendar is [object Object] and not "Malaga, Spain" as would be expected.

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