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This is a Dictionary application

  • It can search words, of course.

  • It can export words, Memrise App | txt | pdf test. 👍

    Github Releases

  • dict-setup-x.x.x.exe is Windows Version.

  • and dict-0.x.x.dmg is Mac Version

How to use it?

Hot Keys.

  • Ctrl+Shift+F Open Dict Global
  • Ctrl+F Cursor to Search Input
  • Esc Minimise Dict
  • Shift+j Scroll Down
  • Shift+k Scroll Up
  • j Search Word Scroll Down
  • k Search Word Scroll Up

Search your word or phrase.

  • You can use hotkey (Ctrl+F) to navigate to input blank.
  • Input word or phrase, it can recognize your language automatically.
  • alt
  • alt S3 stands for it is longman Spoken 3000 words. Longman Detail stands for it has Longman Dictionary Detial, Click it then can show the detail.

Set your language.

  • Open setting and choose your language you know, also your language you want to learn.
  • Languages which you can learn.
    • English for 中文|한국어|日本語|Ελληνικά|
    • Dutch for English (developing)
  • alt

Export the words.

  • You can export words to PDF as a test.

  • alt

  • You can export words to Memrise for you to memorize them,it will export txt and audio folder.


  • Momo is same, just it only export the txt file.

Import Memrise

  • went to memrise create a new Course and a new level and Click Bulk add words


  • Choose the Comma option and input the txt file content.


  • Then you can see your words already be added.


  • For good experience, you can upload the Audio file from Audio folder.


  • At last, enjoy your memrise course.
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