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Password strength indicator using jQuery and XML

Password Strength Indicator somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by using jQuery and XML.

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Available Features:

• Password setting are stored in xml file

• Client side and server side validation

• Password strength in different colors

• Check if password contains x number of Uppercase characters (A-Z)

• Check if password contains any Lowercase characters (a-z)

• Check if password contains x number of Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

• Check if password contains x number of allowable Nonalphanumeric characters

• Check if password meet the Minimum and Maximum password length requirement

• Check if password exceeded the allowable Maximum consecutive repeated character

• Check if password contains keyboard sequence (i.e., 123456, qwerty, …)



Test pages in PasswordStrengthIndicator.Example folder. To get it to works:

  • Rename the Default.aspx.txt to Default.aspx, update the JavaScripts reference

v2.0 - Initial

v2.1 - updated the PasswordStrengthIndicator.Core assembly to read maxKeyboardSequence and keyboardSequenceCharacters from XML file

v2.2 - Updated web.config.install.xdt to insert appsetting element if not exists

This plugin depends on: jQuery 1.4 and above, jquery.blockUI (optional)

Password setting is in PasswordPolicy.xml:

duration - password age, expired in xxx days (example, not in use)

minLength - password minimum length

maxLength - password maximum length

numsLength - minimum number of required digits

upperLength - minimum number of required upper case

specialLength - minimum number of required special characters

specialChars - allowable special characters

barWidth - set the bar indicator width

barColor - the bar indicator colors

useMultipleColors - 1=Yes, 0=No

maxConsecutiveRepeatedChars - 0=allow repeat, 1..n = allow 1..n maximum number of successive repetitions of a given character (example: if 1, aa will not be valid because it repeated more than 1)

maxKeyboardSequence - maximun allowable keyboard sequence (example: if 2, 123 will not be valid, but 12 will be valid. Note the sequence defined in keyboardSequenceCharacters)

keyboardSequenceCharacters - defined the list of keyboard sequence


Password strength indicator using jQuery and XML




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