View Ansel stereo panoramas on the web!
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Overunder Panorama Viewer

This is a set of utilities for viewing over/under stereo panoramas on the web and locally (without having to pay for Virtual Desktop!). Primary focus is on Ansel, but any panorama in the over/under format should work (e.g. converted Cardboard Camera images).

Overunder Component API

Property Description Default Value
N/A URL path to the image N/A

Panoramas are loaded and displayed primarily through the overunder component. This component takes one value: a URL (or a selector).


  <a-entity overunder="../assets/witness_painter.jpg"></a-entity>

Currently there is no integration with A-Frame's asset management system. See this issue.

Scenes must also have a stereocam.

  <a-camera position="0 0 0" stereocam="eye:left;"></a-camera>


See the LICENSE.