Build with Middleman. Automate with Gulp. Deploy to S3.
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A Middleman 4 project template. Using the following open source tools:

  • SCSS
  • Autoprefixer
  • Gulp (for JS module bundling, image minification and css cleanup)
  • Aws-cli for S3 deployment

Create new project

middleman init -T brylok/gulpman

Rake Commands

Preview your project in the browser with autoreload: rake preview

Build Your Project to a Local Folder: rake build

Deploy Your Project to Staging: rake deploy:staging

Deploy Your Project to Production: rake deploy:production

Deployment Setup

Deployment is handled using the AWS CLI.

Install aws-cli

To install the AWS CLI you must:

Install pip: sudo apt-get install python-pip

Install aws-cli: sudo pip install awscli

Modify Environmental Variables

You now need to edit your projects environmental variables in the data/environment_variables.rb file:

This is where you will set the following information:

build folder, s3 profile, s3 permissions, site url (local, staging, prod), s3 bucket (staging, prod)


If you run into trouble, make sure you have middleman CLI installed globally:

gem install middleman

Also, be sure to have Ruby ^2.2.2

If you have trouble with the uncss task you might need to install PhantomJS manually:

brew install phantomjs

You may also need to install gems and node packages

bundle install; npm install