Script to upload files to non-repo storage from the command line
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GitHub Upload Script

github_upload is a command line utility to allow quick uploading of files to non-repo storage on GitHub.

If can be used from within a local repo, or given an explicit repo name to upload to.

In repo:

$ cd my_local_repo
$ github_upload file_to_upload


$ github_upload file_to_upload myname/myrepo

github_upload requires you have Ruby and a few gems installed. See below for details.


github_upload is most easily installed as a standalone script:

$ curl -s > ~/bin/github_upload
$ chmod 755 ~/bin/github_upload
$ gem install xml-simple mime-types

Assuming ~/bin/ is in your $PATH, you just need to set your git config and you're ready to roll.


To use this script you need to have your GitHub username and token stored in your git config.

To test it run this:

$ git config --global github.user
$ git config --global github.token

If you see nothing, you need to set the config setting:

$ git config --global github.user YOUR_USER
$ git config --global github.token YOUR_TOKEN

See for more information.