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Konjac Dictionaries

These are just some dictionaries I've added for use with Konjac. They're mostly designed to clean up formatting and automate some of the most obvious conversions I know between the two languages I know, Japanese and English. The files available are:

  • alphanumeric.yml - One-way conversion of full-width letters and numbers to half-width letters and numbers (e.g. Nov1984 #=> Nov1984)
  • kana.yml - One-way conversion of half-width katakana to full-width katakana (e.g. バックアップ #=> バックアップ)
  • punctuation.yml - Two-way conversion of kanji-style full-width punctuation to Western style half-width punctuation


git clone git://
cp konjac_yml/*.yml ~/.konjac


Convert all full-width alphanumeric characters in a Japanese plain-text to half-width:

konjac translate input.txt -o output.txt -f ja -t en -u alphanumeric

Convert using the alphanumeric, kana and punctuation dictionaries:

konjac translate input.txt -o output.txt -f ja -t en -u alphanumeric -u kana -u punctuation