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xml_http = new XMLHttpRequest()
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describe "The truth", ->
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- <h2><a href=''>Sextuple Jeopardy</a></h2>
- <h3>The <em>Groundhog Day</em> of capital murder trials</h3>
+ <h2><a href=''>Some Article</a></h2>
+ <h3>This is just some made-up article</h3>
<p class="byline"><span><a href="" rel="author">William Browning</a> from the <a href="">April 2012</a> issue</span></p>
<p>(Page 5 of 6)</p>
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-<script type='text/javascript'>
- <div class="entry"><p>Flowers’ fifth trial was held less than a year later. With the
-death penalty back on the table, a Montgomery County jury of nine
-whites and three blacks again deadlocked, causing another mistrial.
-But the fifth trial added a new twist: Two African-American jurors
-were arrested for perjury. </p>
-<p>The first, a black woman who later pleaded guilty, lied under
-oath during jury selection when she said she didn’t know Flowers.
-The second—a black man who was the lone holdout for an acquittal
-during deliberations— was ordered arrested by the judge in open
-court immediately after the trial. (“You’re free to go—in
-handcuffs,” the judge told him.) The arrest came after another
-juror sent a note to the judge during deliberations claiming the
-man told fellow jurors he had firsthand knowledge of the
-investigation, something the judge said should have been disclosed
-during jury selection. The juror’s perjury charge was later
-dismissed after his attorney argued that his client’s “disagreement
-with his fellow jurors after hearing all the evidence at trial—no
-matter how unreasonable they thought he was being for not agreeing
-with them—does not mean he had a preconceived opinion.”</p>
-<p>The perjury arrests spurred racially charged accusations of jury
-tampering, from both whites and blacks. Members of the victims’
-families say the first juror’s guilty plea proved Flowers’
-supporters were trying to hang the jury. Many of Flowers’
-supporters believe the judge, by charging the second juror, was
-sending a message to future jurors who might favor an
-acquittal. </p>
-<p>“Race has never been an issue,” Evans claims. “The only thing
-that has ever been an issue is [the defendant’s] family and friends
-trying to get on the jury.” State representatives from Montgomery
-County responded to the controversy by sponsoring bills to widen
-the geographic area from which jurors could be chosen and to allow
-prosecutors to request a change of venue. Both bills were
-ultimately voted down.</p>
-<p>Flowers’ sixth trial began in early June 2010. The jury was made
-up of 11 whites and one black. The guilty verdict came after less
-than 30 minutes of deliberation. Ten days later, Flowers’ defense
-team filed a motion asking for a directed “not guilty” verdict or a
-new trial. The defense attorneys cited what they believe were 46
-fundamental problems with the trial, including the fact that “the
-jury…was comprised of less than 10 percent African American
-citizens, and was selected from a county with a nearly 45 percent
-African American population.” The attorneys also argued that a
-verdict reached in “28 minutes” on a case involving four murders
-indicated that “jurors had already made up their minds.” The motion
-was denied.</p>
-<p>Flowers, who has spent more than one-third of his life behind
-bars, will now get a direct appeal to the state Supreme Court. If
-that court upholds the conviction and sentence, the federal appeals
-process will begin. And if the fourth conviction is reversed? Evans
-has promised to try the case again, saying he will prosecute “as
-many times as I have to.”</p>
- <strong>The Never-Ending Trial</strong>
-<p>I first became aware of the Flowers case in 2007, when the
-<em>Greenwood Commonwealth</em> sent me to cover the fourth trial.
-I covered the fifth trial too. The courtroom has always been
-divided down the middle, whites on one side, blacks on the other.
-Flowers’ family sits together, a nervous, pained energy surrounding
-them. During breaks, Archie Flowers, the defendant’s father, often
-goes outside and sits alone on a bench. Convinced of his son’s
-innocence, he displays a steely reserve, but like any father in
-such a situation he seems but one helpless moment away from
-<p>The victims’ family members—solid, working-class people—usually
-sit on the prosecution side. They’ve pushed for Flowers’
-prosecution since the beginning and, sure of his guilt, have been
-crushed with each reversal and mistrial. They’ve had to relive the
-sting of a loved one’s murder each time blown-up versions of the
-gruesome crime-scene photographs are propped on easels for the jury
-to see. It’s a gut-wrenching charade, played out six times now.</p>
-<p>“In a way, the criminal process has prolonged the suffering,”
-says Bean, the executive director of Friends of Justice, a criminal
-justice reform group based in Texas. “That’s a really sad aspect to
-<p>Bean, who helped bring national attention five years ago to
-Louisiana’s controversial Jena Six case, in which six black
-teenagers were convicted of beating a white student, thinks the
-Tardy Furniture Company murders require a fresh investigation.
-“Somebody needs to take over this prosecution, and the [state]
-attorney general is the natural option,” he says. “The trouble is,
-attorneys general are loath to take cases out of the hands of the
-prosecutor. To get them to move aside is to imply lack of
-objectivity, or that they’re out of their depth, or that they’ve
-made mistakes, or that they are racially biased. Nobody in the
-state of Mississippi wants to make those claims.”</p>
-<p>At this point, Evans—who ran unopposed for re-election in
-2011—certainly can’t walk away. Through six trials he has spent
-more than $300,000 in taxpayer money. He has nailed his feet to the
-floor. Asked about the case’s critics, he questions their motives.
-“There are so many people opposed to the death penalty, they will
-make anything they can up to be sure that doesn’t happen,” he
-<p>“I’m sure Evans is as tired of this case as anyone else or more
-so,” says Ray Charles Carter, Flowers’ lawyer, who expects this
-latest verdict to be reversed too. “All of us would like to get the
-case behind us once and for all. It’s time to ensure or guarantee a
-fair trial or give up.”</p>
-<p>If Flowers is eventually executed, questions will linger long
-after he draws his last breath. But if the verdict and sentence are
-reversed and the case is kicked back to Montgomery County for a
-retrial, when does it end? The case, no matter its future, has
-become another blight on my home state’s already notorious legal
-<p>Roxanne Ballard, the daughter of Bertha Tardy, has testified at
-each of the trials, and she has attended most of the hundreds of
-hearings related to the case. “That doesn’t leave a lot of time to
-get back to normal,” she says. “Having to go through this over and
-over again is terrible. And you never really get over it. You’ll
-always miss your mother, or your wife, or your husband, or your
-son. But the thing is, we can’t get past it.”</p></div>
+ <div class="entry">
+<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla eu
+tristique orci. Aliquam elit enim, ultricies eget adipiscing quis, aliquam
+in urna. Aliquam consequat congue fringilla. Mauris non ante leo, quis
+rhoncus tellus. Maecenas lorem quam, placerat in placerat sed, consectetur
+mollis arcu. Ut at risus ut velit facilisis suscipit et tempor dui. Donec
+semper fermentum justo, ut pulvinar elit hendrerit sit amet. Phasellus varius
+magna condimentum justo bibendum ac bibendum est suscipit. Cras non purus
+eu orci pharetra placerat eget nec magna. Praesent sodales adipiscing eros,
+non condimentum odio vestibulum eu. Proin hendrerit nulla id nisi consequat
+aliquet. Phasellus sit amet cursus ante. Etiam fermentum lacinia ante a
+varius. Etiam mollis, elit vel fermentum tincidunt, massa nulla malesuada nibh,
+in sagittis lectus sapien quis massa.</p>
+<p>Vivamus nec massa neque. Nam est orci, congue a viverra nec, gravida eleifend
+enim. Vestibulum dapibus congue est sit amet molestie. Mauris dapibus laoreet
+risus sit amet adipiscing. Nulla facilisi. Phasellus consectetur accumsan eros,
+vel vestibulum lacus luctus et. Cras ac nibh erat, id commodo dolor. Morbi
+commodo diam quis felis tempus rutrum. Quisque magna ante, bibendum non
+vulputate eget, dictum nec sapien. Donec sagittis, odio et consequat rutrum,
+lorem ante imperdiet sapien, sit amet laoreet nulla tortor non risus.</p>
+<p>Duis ac lacus vitae arcu malesuada tempus. Etiam ac dui nec tellus mattis
+elementum quis viverra ipsum. Mauris molestie, risus quis suscipit ultrices,
+neque lorem sagittis odio, in vulputate arcu nisl eu nisi. Nunc sagittis
+sagittis gravida. Vestibulum dignissim consequat vehicula. Phasellus mattis
+lobortis sollicitudin. Quisque est augue, faucibus quis posuere eu, malesuada
+non lacus. Aliquam a tellus nec magna tincidunt dapibus. Maecenas vitae tellus a
+lorem euismod pellentesque at eu lectus. Fusce in nisl elit.</p>
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-<p>Manning signs with Denver. There, out of the way.</p>
+<p>Ut urna leo, iaculis vel tincidunt ac, lobortis hendrerit elit. In et mauris
+consequat nulla posuere mattis vitae quis nibh. Etiam scelerisque semper turpis
+tempus blandit. Donec laoreet quam ac ligula auctor ac pretium enim luctus. Ut
+quis metus orci. Praesent magna diam, rutrum sit amet elementum sed, bibendum in
+sem. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean interdum
+tellus vitae arcu luctus commodo. Pellentesque vel tincidunt nibh.</p>
<div class='commentactions'>
<button class="comment_reply submit" name="commentparent" value="2922420">reply to this</button> </div>
@@ -613,11 +350,12 @@ <h2 class="commentheader"><strong><script type="text/javascript">
else document.write(unescape(l[i]));}
</script></strong><span class="pipe">|</span>3.19.12 @ 12:19PM<span class="pipe">|</span><a class="permalink" href="#comment_2922484">#</a></h2>
-<p>What a moron. So much for him being smart. He could have signed
-with San Fran and played with probably the best defense in
-football. Denver's defense is terrible and was totally exposed by
-the Patriots last year. Manning just must like losing to the
-Patriots after all these years.</p>
+<p>Praesent accumsan lobortis auctor. Sed purus dolor, tincidunt vulputate
+bibendum vel, consequat aliquam eros. Sed tristique egestas pharetra. Sed ac
+tellus ligula. Etiam ullamcorper mauris dignissim nisl pharetra in congue velit
+eleifend. Donec eget pharetra dui. Nunc ultrices lorem quis purus pulvinar
+aliquam ullamcorper risus elementum. Etiam dapibus leo sagittis orci tincidunt
+at pharetra turpis dapibus.</p>
<div class='commentactions'>
<button class="comment_reply submit" name="commentparent" value="2922484">reply to this</button> </div>
@@ -631,9 +369,18 @@ <h2 class="commentheader"><strong><script type="text/javascript">
else document.write(unescape(l[i]));}
</script></strong><span class="pipe">|</span>3.19.12 @ 12:31PM<span class="pipe">|</span><a class="permalink" href="#comment_2922542">#</a></h2>
-<p>There was going to be one hell of a power struggle over play
-calling if Manning went to SF. I can't see Jim Harbaugh letting him
-run the show.</p>
+<p>In dignissim, est a vulputate pulvinar, nisi mi dignissim ligula, vitae
+pretium lacus dui sit amet nunc. Suspendisse potenti. Curabitur nisi nibh,
+tincidunt id consectetur et, scelerisque et turpis. Vestibulum felis ante,
+consequat malesuada sagittis sit amet, gravida ut justo. Duis neque elit,
+semper ac viverra nec, aliquam sit amet massa. Nulla tortor quam, aliquet
+quis hendrerit cursus, hendrerit vel sapien. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et
+magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Vivamus vel erat quis
+ipsum aliquam tristique sed tempor ante. Sed consequat lacinia ultrices. Nullam
+tellus ante, bibendum in cursus ut, feugiat eu est. Etiam est erat, ornare
+non aliquet convallis, scelerisque sed sem. Aliquam bibendum, magna sit amet
+hendrerit tincidunt, nisl libero convallis sapien, in accumsan libero orci non
+turpis. Suspendisse potenti. Aenean rhoncus est in lectus gravida facilisis.</p>
<div class='commentactions'>
<button class="comment_reply submit" name="commentparent" value="2922542">reply to this</button> </div>
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</form> <div class="clear"></div>
-<script type="text/javascript">
- (function() {
- if (!window.location.hash.match(/^#comment/)) {
- // bind an event to listen
- $('#commentcontainer').hide();
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- $('#commentcontrol').one('click', function(e) {
- $('#commentcontainer').show();
- $('#commentform').show();
- $('#commentcontrol').addClass('open');
- });
- }
- })();
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