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Add functionality for translators to PowerPoint. Designed to increase in usefulness as the design and wording choices of the origin authors increase in awfulness.


If you haven't already, sigh as you boot up Windows, then get Git. Make sure PowerPoint is closed.

For Windows, open the command prompt and copy-and-paste the following:

git clone git://
copy /y "translazen\translazen.ppa" "%AppData%\Microsoft\Addins"

For Office for Mac, use this:

git clone git://

If it gives you a "permission denied" message, most likely you still have an instance of PowerPoint running. If you can verify that's not the case, there's something wacky going on with user permissions.

Open PowerPoint and select the add-in:

  • Windows 2007+: Office Button > PowerPoint Options > Add-Ins > Select "PowerPoint Add-ins" in the Manage drop-down > Go... > Add New... > Select translazen > OK > Close
  • Earlier/Mac: Tools > Add-ins > Add New... > Select translazen > OK > Close


Go to the original directory called translazen where you first downloaded this repository and run the following commands separately:

git pull origin master
copy /y "translazen.ppa" "%AppData%\Microsoft\Addins"

Or for Macs:


Happy (or at least less miserable) editing!

  • Bryan McKelvey
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