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+vim ratings
+Adds color codes and a few additional metrics to the search results and script
+pages at, making it a little easier to figure out which new scripts
+might be worth a try. The minimum and maximum for the color scale of each
+metric can be configured on the options page.
@@ -12,17 +16,14 @@ A packed, unstable version will always be available via the
[Downloads]( link above.
If you'd like to pack it from the source by yourself to ensure you have the
-latest version, use the following:
+latest version, it requires the following
-### Windows
+* [Ruby 1.9+](
+ * [HAML](
+* [Node.js](
+ * [CoffeeScript](
- git clone
- cd vim_ratings
- install\windows
+If those are installed, you can just clone the repo and run `rake`:
-### Linux (tested on Ubuntu)
- git clone
- cd vim_ratings
- chmod a+x install/
- install/
+ git clone git://
+ rake

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