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Rescue was failing. Changed the rescue to rescue LoadError specifical…

…ly. Also added require line for 1.9 to replace rdoc/ri/ri_paths

Signed-off-by: Jake Scruggs <>
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1 parent dcf9bde commit 55b5476259f0269a7600ff1711878e78b8a5ee1f @Scyllinice Scyllinice committed with jscruggs Jul 14, 2009
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  1. +3 −1 vendor/saikuro/saikuro.rb
@@ -1108,8 +1108,10 @@ def Saikuro.analyze(files, state_formater, token_count_formater, output_dir)
require 'rdoc/ri/ri_paths'
require 'rdoc/usage'
- rescue
+ rescue LoadError
# these requires cause problems in Ruby 1.9x that I'm not really sure how to fix
+ require 'rdoc/ri/paths'
+ #Still not sure what the equivalent of rdoc/usage is. I know it has been removed from 1.9
include ResultIndexGenerator

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