make rails3 the new master and make master into rails2 #40

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Paste-friendly :D

git checkout master
git checkout -b rails2
git push origin rails2
git checkout rails3
git branch -D master
git checkout -b master
git push -f origin master
git push origin :rails3


See my issue in the pull request: #39 If you just isolated the upgrade to 3 into a separate PR (since that pull request will merge into master) I'd merge it. The issue is by doing all the pull requests from the same branch you include all the commits in each one. And you added docs telling people how to use a branch, but the PR will merge rails 3 into master.

Make sense?


This issue is about changing brynary/master to being rails3 (not releated to my (now fixed) pull-requests)


Is this gonna happen? I sadly implemented my own fixes for rails3.
Having a gem released too would be nice!

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