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Distributed test running with autodiscovery via Bonjour (for Cucumber first)
Ruby Cucumber
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Distributed test running with autodiscovery via Bonjour (for Cucumber first)


On machines to be used as Testjour slaves:

$ mkdir testjour-working-dir
$ testjour slave:start

On your development machine, verify it can see the testjour slave:

$ testjour list

Testjour servers:

    bhelmkamp    available    bryans-computer.local.:62434

Now run your tests:

$ testjour run features

Note: This only really makes sense if you use more than one slave. Otherwise it's slower than just running them locally.


To install the latest release (once there is a release):

$ sudo gem install testjour

For now, just pull down the code from the GitHub repo:

$ git clone git://
$ cd testjour
$ rake gem
$ rake install_gem


  • Maintained by Bryan Helmkamp (

  • Thanks to Weplay ( for sponsoring development and supporting open sourcing it from the start

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