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== SVN
* Allow specifying the input name/label when doing a select (Patch from David Chelimsky)
* Raise a specific exception if the developer tries to manipulate form elements before loading a page (Patch from James Deville)
* Add basic support for Rails-generated JavaScript link tags
* Ensure Rails-style checkboxes work properly (checkboxes followed by a hidden input with the same name)
* Add support for alternate POST, PUT and DELETE link clicking (Patch from Kyle Hargraves)
* Add support for checkboxes (Patches from Kyle Hargraves and Jarkko Laine)
* Improve matching for labels in potentially ambiguous cases
* Add support for textarea fields (Patch from Sacha Schlegel)
* Fix Edge Rails (a.k.a. 2.0 RC) compatibility (Patch from David Chelimsky)
* Support param hashes nested more than one level (Patch from David Chelimsky)
== 0.1.0 / 2007-11-28
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!