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Documentation generator for Javascript, CoffeeScript, C, C++, Objective-C, Ruby, Python, AS3, Java, and everything else ever.
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A documentation generator built on the foundations of Docco and Docco-Husky.

The support available in Docco and Docco-Husky for larger projects consisting of many hundreds of script files was somewhat lacking, so I decided to create my own.

Take a look at this project's public page for an example of what it can do.


Simple: npm install -g docker

Requires Pygments


Still yet to finialise exactly how the command-line interface should work, but basically:

docker -i root_source_dir -o root_doc_dir [file1 file2 file3 ...]

(or, if you haven't installed with -g specified, something like $(npm root)/docker/docker instead of docker at the beginning there)

If the -i or -o options aren't specified, they'll default respectively to ./ and ./doc.

If the file list given is empty it'll just recurse into root_source_dir and run on anything it finds.

Any of the files given can also be directories, in which case it will recurse into them.

Folder structure inside root_source_dir is preserved into root_doc_dir and file names are simply appended .html for the doc file

Important note

All files must be inside root_source_dir (or the current pwd if not specified) or one of its descendant subdirectories. If they're not then it'll just get horribly confused and get into an infinite loop. Which isn't nice.

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