Calliope model, specific to a district development in Cambridge, UK
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Cambridge Calliope

Calliope model, specific to a district development in Cambridge, UK.

For more information on the model structure and general use of Calliope, see the documentation.

Cambridge district map

This model has been used in the following paper: (Under review) B. Pickering, R. Choudhary. District energy system optimisation under uncertain demand: handling data-driven stochastic profiles, Applied Energy (2018)

If you use this model or work derived from it in an academic publication, please cite the above paper.


This paper ran on a development version of Calliope 0.6.3. To install, download the DMUU.yml requirements file found in the requirements directory of this repository. Install it by using the Calliope development environment instructions:

$ conda env create -f DMUU.yml

Running models

The notebook 'DMUU' will guide you through building the model.


  • Native Calliope plotting will not work in most cases, due to the existence of the 'scenario' dimension.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.