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YOURLS API plugin: action=lookup-url-substr

This YOURLS plugin adds new command to the YOURLS API: action=lookup-url-substr — searches all keywords in the database which resolve to long URLs containing specified substring. API call requires substr parameter. Literally LIKE %substr% SQL expression is used for entries filtering.

The plugin is useful when searching for URLs disregarding GET parameters: for example, search URL with any UTM tags combination.


Assume your database contains the following entries:

keyword url comment
kw1 https, subdomain and parameter 1
kw2 subdomain only
kw3 https, subdomain and parameter 2
kw4 http and parameter 2
kw5 http, parameters 1 and 2

The following API calls will respond with the corresponding keywords field values:

  • action=lookup-url-substr& => ["kw1","kw2","kw3"]
  • action=lookup-url-substr& => ["kw1","kw2","kw3","kw4","kw5"]
  • action=lookup-url-substr&substr= => ["kw1","kw3"]
  • action=lookup-url-substr& => ["kw3","kw4"]

How to install this plugin

  1. Copy plugin files to $YOURLS_ABSPATH/user/plugins:
    1. cd into directory defined via $YOURLS_ABSPATH configuration parameter of your YOURLS installation.
    2. cd user/plugins
    3. Copy files:
      1. Either clone via git: git clone This will create a copy of this repository in the $YOURLS_ABSPATH/user/plugins/yourls-api-lookup-keywords-by-url-substr directory.
      2. Or just manually create a directory mkdir yourls-api-lookup-keywords-by-url-substr and copy plugin.php file into it.
    4. Name of the plugin directory is arbitrary: all the info is stored in the comment block of plugin.php file.
  2. Open plugins manager of your YOURLS: https://$YOURLS_SITE/admin/plugins.php.
  3. Activate plugin.


A plugin for YOURLS designed to lookup all keywords which resolve to URLs containing specified substring.







  • PHP 100.0%