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Three.js powered Minecraft skin viewer.


  • 1.8 Skins
  • HD Skins
  • Capes
  • Ears
  • Elytras
  • Slim Arms
    • Automatic model detection (Slim / Default)
  • FXAA (fast approximate anti-aliasing)


Example of using skinview3d


<canvas id="skin_container"></canvas>
	let skinViewer = new skinview3d.SkinViewer({
		canvas: document.getElementById("skin_container"),
		width: 300,
		height: 400,
		skin: "img/skin.png"

	// Change viewer size
	skinViewer.width = 600;
	skinViewer.height = 800;

	// Load another skin

	// Load a cape

	// Load an elytra (from a cape texture)
	skinViewer.loadCape("img/cape.png", { backEquipment: "elytra" });

	// Unload(hide) the cape / elytra

	// Set the background color
	skinViewer.background = 0x5a76f3;

	// Set the background to a normal image

	// Set the background to a panoramic image

	// Change camera FOV
	skinViewer.fov = 70;

	// Zoom out
	skinViewer.zoom = 0.5;

	// Rotate the player
	skinViewer.autoRotate = true;

	// Apply an animation
	skinViewer.animation = new skinview3d.WalkingAnimation();

	// Set the speed of the animation
	skinViewer.animation.speed = 3;

	// Pause the animation
	skinViewer.animation.paused = true;

	// Remove the animation
	skinViewer.animation = null;


By default, there are two lights on the scene. One is an ambient light, and the other is a point light from the camera.

To change the light intensity:

skinViewer.cameraLight.intensity = 0.9;
skinViewer.globalLight.intensity = 0.1;

Setting globalLight.intensity to 1.0 and cameraLight.intensity to 0.0 will completely disable shadows.


skinview3d supports two types of ear texture:

  • standalone: 14x7 image that contains the ear (example)
  • skin: Skin texture that contains the ear (e.g. deadmau5's skin)


// You can specify ears in the constructor:
new skinview3d.SkinViewer({
	skin: "img/deadmau5.png",

	// Use ears drawn on the current skin (img/deadmau5.png)
	ears: "current-skin",

	// Or use ears from other textures
	ears: {
		textureType: "standalone", // "standalone" or "skin"
		source: "img/ears.png"

// Show ears when loading skins:
skinViewer.loadSkin("img/deadmau5.png", { ears: true });

// Use ears from other textures:
skinViewer.loadEars("img/ears.png", { textureType: "standalone" });
skinViewer.loadEars("img/deadmau5.png", { textureType: "skin" });

Name Tag


// Name tag with text "hello"
skinViewer.nameTag = "hello";

// Specify the text color
skinViewer.nameTag = new skinview3d.NameTagObject("hello", { textStyle: "yellow" });

// Unset the name tag
skinViewer.nameTag = null;

In order to display name tags correctly, you need the Minecraft font from South-Paw/typeface-minecraft. This font is available at assets/minecraft.woff2.

To load this font, please add the @font-face rule to your CSS:

@font-face {
	font-family: 'Minecraft';
	src: url('/path/to/minecraft.woff2') format('woff2');


npm run build