Python package for dark matter subhalo searches using stellar kinematic data
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arXiv License: MIT

This code uses stellar kinematic data to search for dark matter (DM) subhalos through their gravitational perturbations to the stellar phase-space distribution.


  • Malte Buschmann; buschman at
  • Joachim Kopp; jkopp at uni-mainz dot de
  • Benjamin R. Safdi; bsafdi at umich dot edu
  • Chih-Liang Wu; cliang at

If you make use of stellarWakes in a publication, please cite 1711.03554.

Compiling and Running

This code package is written in python and cython. The easiest way to install stellarWakes, along with it's dependent Python packages, is to use the setup script

python install

which also builds the cython modules. To just compile the cython modules locally:

make build


An example of how to use stellarWakes is provided in the examples/ folder in the form of a jupyter notebook. That notebook uses example stellar kinematic data, with and without a subhalo, provided in the examples/data/ folder.