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# Tracks: a GTD(TM) web application, built with Ruby on Rails

**IMPORTANT: Tracks is moving to a GitHub Organization to make it easier to continue administering the project. Development will soon cease at bsag/tracks and move to TracksApp/tracks. If you are currently pulling from bsag/tracks, please pull from TracksApp instead.**

`git clone git://`

**The new home for Tracks is**

* Project homepage:
* Manual:
* Source at GitHub:
* Assembla space (for bug reports and feature requests):
* Wiki (community contributed information):
* Forum:
* Mailing list:
* Original developer: bsag (
* Contributors:
* Version: 2.1devel
* Copyright: (cc) 2004-2011
* License:  GNU GPL

All the documentation for Tracks can be found within the /doc directory and at
The latter includes full instructions for both new installations and upgrades from older installations of Tracks.
The instructions might appear long and intimidatingly complex, but that is mostly because of the number of different platforms supported, and the different configurations which can be used (e.g. running Tracks on your local computer or on a remote server). If you choose the appropriate section for your situation (installation vs. upgrade), and use the easiest (recommended) method, you should find the instructions easy to follow. If you encounter problems, try searching the wiki, forum or mailing list (URLs above), and ask a question if you cannot find a solution to your problem.
The wiki has a lot of user contributed installation HOWTOs for various webhosts, specific OS's and more.

If you are thinking about contributing towards the development of Tracks, please read /doc/README_DEVELOPERS for general information, or /doc/tracks_api_wrapper.rb for information on Tracks' API. Also you can find some information on development on the wiki.

While fully usable for everyday use, Tracks is still a work in progress. Make sure that you take sensible precautions and back up all your data frequently, taking particular care when you are upgrading.

Enjoy being productive!