World Field Target Federation target checking device, plans source code and instruction for manufacture and assembly.
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Assembly Instructions


World Field Target Federation target checking device, plans source code and instructions for manufacture and assembly.


There are 8 parts that need to be printed, the STL files can be found in the STL directory. All dimentions are in mm and the parts are oriented so that no support structures are required.

For best results the parts should be printed in PLA/PHA filament (ColorFabb recommended) The Left and Right hand Cylinder parts may be prone to some curling on the edges and as a result it is recommended that they are printed individually.

Suggested printer settings

  • Layer height : 0.12 mm
  • Nozzle size : 0.4 mm
  • Print speed : 50 mm/s
  • Fill Density : 25%

Assembly Instructions

Non-Printed parts required :

  • 4mm Steel Bar 140mm long
  • M3 Nyloc nuts X 8
  • M3 x 30mm Cap Head Bolts X 8
  • Small spring - 10mm x 5mm
  • Main spring
    • 12.7mm OD
    • 1.25mm Wire
    • Stainless steel
    • 140mm long
    • rated at around 4Nm per cm of compression

Note: This is the spring supplier on eBay that I have used to make the official WFTF checkers :Ⓜ️mkqkKRZ80jLM1G65dUfObjA

Assembly diagrams :

  • [Step 1.pdf](Assembly Instructions/Step 1.PDF)
  • [Step 2.pdf](Assembly Instructions/Step 2.PDF)
  • [Step 3.pdf](Assembly Instructions/Step 3.PDF)
  • [Step 4.pdf](Assembly Instructions/Step 4.PDF)
  • [Step 5.pdf](Assembly Instructions/Step 5.PDF)
  • [Step 6.pdf](Assembly Instructions/Step 6.PDF)