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It would be very handy to be able to specify parameters to the opened url. For example, adding a "#anchor" to the following url to open directly a specific section : http://localhost:2173/#anchor.

For example you could add a new property in the configuration file like "url_parameters" which is concatenated to the base url, and it should be possible to add it as a program argument also

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How would that fit in the api ? I don't think urlParameters is a good name for what you want


Given an URL like this one : http://localhost:1234/some/path/?debug#anchor

How about something like openBrowserTo("/some/path/?debug#anchor") instead of openBrowser(true).

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Thanks for the feedback. I thought about that one as well (nice suggestion with the openBrowserTo by the way!) but the problem I have with this is that so far users do not have to care about the context root. With your suggestion, they have to now.

Suppose a properties file overrides the default context to /myapp. You need to take that into account in your config. And since this feature is to open the browser on the application (and nothing else), I would have expected a relative path to work. Maybe we can do both by checking if the parameter starts with a / or not.


  • "?debug#anchor" would add a relative location to the generated deployUrl (http://localhost:[port]/?debug#anchor)
  • "/myapp?debug#anchor" would create an absolute location based (http://localhost:[port]/myapp?debug#anchor)



Sounds good to me! It's the same semantics as a link in html (href="?debug" href="/blub?debug"). If you want to push that further, should also completely absolute urls be allowed, like .openBrowserTo("http://...")? That would be consistent, and might be useful when your Vaadin app is embedded into another site (e.g. a portal).

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sounds like we have enough information to go further on that one.

I would maybe use openBrowserAt instead of openBrowerTo

Thanks everyone!

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and this is now implemented.

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