Barcelona OpenMP Task Suite is a collection of applications that allow to test OpenMP tasking implementations and compare its behaviour under certain circumstances: task tiedness, throttle and cut-offs mechanisms, single/multiple task generators, etc.
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The objective of the suite is to provide a collection of applications that allow to test OpenMP tasking implementations. Most of the kernels come from existing ones from other projects. Each of them comes with different implementations that allow to test different possibilities of the OpenMP task model (task tiedness, cut-offs, single/multiple generators, etc). It currently comes with the following kernels:

  • Alignment: Aligns sequences of proteins.
  • FFT: Computes a Fast Fourier Transformation.
  • Floorplan: Computes the optimal placement of cells in a floorplan.
  • Health: Simulates a country health system.
  • NQueens: Finds solutions of the N Queens problem.
  • Sort: Uses a mixture of sorting algorithms to sort a vector.
  • SparseLU: Computes the LU factorization of a sparse matrix.
  • Strassen: Computes a matrix multiply with Strassen's method.


The package directory is organized as follows:

  • ./bin: target directory when compiling the benchmarks (generated by `./configure').
  • ./common: source code for common objects.
  • ./config: config directory, assist the compilation phase.
  • ./inputs: input files for some of the benchmarks (when needed).
  • ./omp-tasks: source code for the OpenMP Task versions.
  • ./run: scripts for running the benchmarks.
  • ./serial: source code for the serial versions.
  • ./templates: template directory.


Briefly, the shell commands ./configure and make should configure and build this package.

The ./configure shell script attempts to guess correct values for various system-dependent variables used during compilation (compiler and OpenMP specific flags). The shell script examines the compilers installed in the system and let the user choose among them. It uses those values to create a make.config in ./config directory which will be used during the suite compilation.

If you need to change compilers, linkers or compilation options you can change manually the file ./config/make.config.


Some benchmarks are coded following a recursive model which makes an intensive use of stack frames. It is usually needed to increase default stack sizes when working with high recursion levels. Main stack size can be increased using ulimit -s linux command. Thread stacks are usually controlled through runtime specific environment variable (e.g. Intel C Compiler uses KMP_STACKSIZE=value for this purpose).

Developer activities and documentation are centralized in our repository. Mail suggestions, comments and bug reports to pm-tools*. You can also write a bug report here.

(*) All our email accounts are hosted at (i.e. <account-name>