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Remove the id attribute from the model

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commit 11a369b9a58cc4ea2aa0cc76e51f189b7b26c0fa 1 parent 267173e
@bschaeffer authored
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  1. +0 −15 packages/ember-ohm/lib/attributes/model_ext.js
15 packages/ember-ohm/lib/attributes/model_ext.js
@@ -7,27 +7,12 @@
- The `id` property of the model.
- For some reason, in my projects, this has generally been a `readonly`
- attribute. Therfore, it's defined that way here by default.
- **Note for agitators:** Pull requests welcome.
- @property id
- @type Number
- */
- id: Ohm.attr('number', {readonly: true}),
- /**
`isDirty` defines whether any of the model's attributes defined using one
of the `Ohm` attribute methods have changed.
Privately, it is computed from the length of the model's
{{#crossLink "Ohm.Attributes.Changes"}}changes{{/crossLink}}.
- **This property should never, ever, ever in it's life be `set`.**
@property isDirty
@type Boolean
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