Provides Philips Hue light service for a ZenIRCBot
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Provides Philips Hue light service for a ZenIRCBot

Installation & Configuration

  • Install the Philips Hue lights and bridge
  • Install node.js
  • Install the glorious ZenIRCBot software
  • Install the terrific node-hue-api through npm
npm install node-hue-api
      "services": ["semantics.js", "zenircbot-hue/hue.js"] 
  • cd to zenircbot/services/zenircbot-hue
  • cp hue.json.dist hue.json
  • Edit the new hue.json file
  • put in the ip address of the Philips Hue bridge if you know it. if you don't, start the services by running the 'node admin.js' command, then join the irc channel with the bot and send the command 'hue locate'. You'll get a message like so:
23:20:37 < bschlief> hue locate
23:20:38 <@rms-bot> bschlief: locating hue bridges...
23:20:44 <@rms-bot> bschlief: bridges found -- [{"host":"","port":"80"}]
  • Use that value to fill in the hostname in hue.json, and stop and start the 'node admin.js' task again.
  • Press the connect button the hue bridge, then in the IRC channel, type 'hue register'. The IRC Bot will create a 40 digit MD5 sum and install it in your hue.json under the key "username". You should only have to do that once.
  • Try a few commands
hue #ff00ff time=10
hue #00ff00 time=2 @2
hue hsl=(230,65535,100) @all
hue group odd_lights=(1,3)
hue rgb=(128,0,128) @odd_lights

Light Commands

Any ZenIRCBot that implements the hue service will have the following commands available:

  • on
  • off
  • white=(colorTemp, brightPercent) where colorTemp is a value between 154 (cool) and 500 (warm) and brightPercent is 0 to 100
  • hsl=(hue, saturation, brightPercent) where hue is a value from 0 to 65534, saturation is a value from 0 to 254, and brightPercent is from 0 to 100
  • rgb=(red, green, blue) where red, green and blue are values from 0 to 255 - Not all colors can be created by the lights
  • #RRGGBB where RR is red value in hex, GG is the green value in hex, and BB is the blue value in hex
  • brightness=(percent) where percent is the brightness from 0 to 100
  • effect=state where state is either 'colorloop' or 'none'. The 'colorloop' setting cycles through available colors at the current saturation and brightness.
  • time=seconds this can be used with white, brightness, hsl, rgb, #RRGGBB commands to apply a state over a number of seconds.
  • shift this modifier pushes the value into the first element of the command's specified array. if no array is specified the group @defaultLights is used. Then the value from the first light is pushed to the second light and so on until the end of the array. For example:
hue @1 rgb=(255,0,0)                      #=> This command sets light 1 to red
hue @2 rgb=(0,255,0)                      #=> This command sets light 2 to green
hue @1 rgb=(0,0,255)                      #=> This command sets light 3 to blue
hue rgb=(255,0,255) array=(1,2,3) shift   #=> This command sets light 1 (the first 
                                              #   light in the array) to purple, then 
                                              #   takes the vaue of red out of light 1, 
                                              #   and shifts it into light 2, then takes 
                                              #   the value of green out of light 2 and 
                                              #   shifts it into light 3. If the array 
                                              #   had been specified as (3,2,1) instead 
                                              #   it would happen in the opposite order.  
                                              #   Without the shift modifier, all lights 
                                              #   would be purple.
  • invert will invert the color of any lights specified. An inversion is defined as rotation of 180 degrees around the hue color circle.


The Philips Hue API does have a concept of groups, but the zenircbot-hue service doesn't make use of them. Instead, you may define a group of lights to apply a state to, using a array=(1,2,3) syntax.

  • ls groups Lists any existing named groups
  • group bryan=(1,3) This would create a named group "bryan" which contains lights 1 and 3. You can then send messages like hue @bryan #ff0000 time=6 which would change the lights 1 and 3 to red over 6 seconds.
  • rm group bryanThis would remove the named group "bryan".
  • Note that groups are saved in the hue.json file and may be modified there as well.