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An implementation of lazy-k on top of Parrot

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This is an incomplete implementation of Lazy K - only 'ski parsing is
done currently.

Build and test:
    $ parrot setup.pir clean
    $ parrot setup.pir
    $ parrot setup.pir test

Show help:
 $ parrot setup.pir help

Generate a file for Plumage:
 $ mkdir plumage
 $ parrot setup.pir plumage > plumage/lazy_k.json

Lazy K programs live in the same timeless Platonic realm as mathematical
functions, what the Unlambda page calls "the blessed realm of the pure untyped
lambda calculus."

There is no special syntax for IO, Lazy K programs get their input (from stdin)
as a list of church numerals and create a list of these, which is converted to
8-bit characters as output of the computation, 256 is serving as EOF.


There used to be an entry about Lazy K on Wikipedia:

The 2 example files are copyrighted GPL by Ben Rudiak-Gould, the author of Lazy K.
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