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(ns automation.core
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go go-loop]])
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom cursor]]
[cljs-http.client :as http]
[cljs.core.async :refer [put! chan <! >! timeout close!]]))
(defn log [message]
(.log js/console message))
(defn error [message]
(.error js/console message))
(defn set-item [key value]
(.setItem js/localStorage key value))
(defn get-item [key]
(.getItem js/localStorage key))
(defonce app-state (atom {:password "placeholder"
:password-active false
:temperature 20
:mode "HEAT"
:fan-speed "AUTO"
:power-status "OFF"}))
;; Load the password from local storage
(swap! app-state assoc :password (get-item "password"))
(defn clj->json [msg]
(.stringify js/JSON (clj->js msg)))
(defn post-path [path data]
(http/post path {:with-credentials? false
:form-params data}))
(defn send-sqs-message [msg]
(go (let [response (<! (post-path ""
{:Action "SendMessage"
:MessageBody (clj->json msg)}))]
(let [body (:body response)]
(log body)))))
(defn send-aircon-state []
(send-sqs-message {:device "air_conditioner"
:password (:password @app-state)
:data {:mode (:mode @app-state)
:temperature (:temperature @app-state)
:fan_speed (:fan-speed @app-state)
:power_status (:power-status @app-state)}}))
(defn toggle-aircon-power []
(if (= (:power-status @app-state) "OFF")
(swap! app-state assoc :power-status "ON")
(swap! app-state assoc :power-status "OFF"))
(defn password-input [value-atom]
[:input {:type "password"
:value @value-atom
:on-change #(do
(reset! value-atom (-> % .-target .-value))
(set-item "password" @value-atom))}])
(defn ceiling-light-control []
[:div {:id "clicker"}
[:img {:id "bulb"
:on-click #(do
(send-sqs-message {:device "ceiling_light"
:password (:password @app-state)
:data {}})
(.preventDefault %))
:src "images/light.png"}]])
(defn mode-circle [color value]
[:svg {:width 88
:height 75
:style {:cursor "pointer"}} ;; Necessary for mobile safari to register touch events
[:circle {:on-click #(do
(swap! app-state assoc :mode value)
(.preventDefault %))
:cx "50%"
:cy "50%"
:r 35
:fill "white"
:stroke-width 2
:stroke color}]
(if (= value (:mode @app-state))
[:circle {:cx "50%"
:cy "50%"
:r 22
:fill color}])])
(defn aircon-control []
(let [password-cursor (cursor app-state [:password])]
(fn []
[:div {:id "aircon"}
[:div {:id "temp-control"}
[:p.temperature (:temperature @app-state)]
[:div {:id "up-down"}
[:img.arrowUp {:src "images/chevron-up.svg"
:width 95
:on-click #(do
(swap! app-state update-in [:temperature] inc)
(.preventDefault %))}]
[:img.arrowDown {:src "images/chevron-down.svg"
:width 95
:on-click #(do
(swap! app-state update-in [:temperature] dec)
(.preventDefault %))}]]]
[:div {:id "mode"}
[mode-circle "#FF7D83" "HEAT"]
[mode-circle "#78D3FF" "COOL"]
[mode-circle "#F1F1BD" "DEHUMIDIFY"]]
[:div {:id "fan-speed"}
(if (:password-active @app-state)
[:div {:id "password-input"}
[password-input password-cursor]
[:img {:id "unlock"
:src "images/lock-open.svg"
:on-click #(do
(swap! app-state assoc :password-active false)
(.preventDefault %))
:width 30
:height 30}]]
[:div {:id "fan-speed"}
[:img {:id "power-icon"
:data-powered (:power-status @app-state)
:src "images/power.svg"
:on-click #(do
(.preventDefault %))
:width 75
:height 75}]
[:img {:src "images/fan.svg"
:on-click #(do
(.preventDefault %))
:width 75
:height 75}]
[:img {:id "lock"
:src "images/lock.svg"
:on-click #(do
(swap! app-state assoc :password-active true)
(.preventDefault %))
:width 30
:height 30}]])]])))
(defn page []
(reagent/render-component [page]
(. js/document (getElementById "app")))
(defn on-js-reload []
;; optionally touch your app-state to force rerendering depending on
;; your application
;; (swap! app-state update-in [:__figwheel_counter] inc)