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A resourceful plugin for adding forums to an application

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Bagpipes is a resourceful plugin, meaning that it provides a bundled set of resources (ala REST) for a Rails application. In particular, installing Bagpipes gives you access to the resources required for basic forum functions—topics, messages, and members.

At present, member management is ... minimal. You'll have to add the first administrator from the console, like this:
  > u = User.find(1)
  > u.create_member :name => "Name", :administrator => true
After that, you can log in and go to /members to add more.
Only administrators can create topics, and only members can create messages. Anyone can view the forum, however.

Like any resourceful plugin, this should be easily customizable for your specific needs.


  rake bagpipes:install

The installer will prompt you for the name of your user model.

You'll need some sort of authentication scheme that provides the following hooks in the controller:

The easiest way to take care of this is to install the restful authentication plugin.

Finally, you'll need to update the user_email= method in the Member model so that it returns a valid user/account/whatever model when given an email address.

Copyright (c) 2008 Ben Scofield of Viget Labs, released under the MIT license
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