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This is the code that was created during the Resourceful Plugin tutorial at Railsconf Europe 2008 - take it for what it is.

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== Better Living through Resourceful Plugins

This is the code that was written in the second half of the resourceful plugin tutorial given by Ben Scofield at Railsconf Europe (2 Sept 2008), along with after-the-fact modifications intended to make it more useful.

It's a simple application—basically, a forum providing for Rooms and Comments; the forum piece has been fully extracted into an EasyForum resourceful plugin. In addition, the application allows comments to be rated, and includes a partially-extracted rating plugin, as well.

=== Changes Since the Tutorial

I've added a PDF version of the slides in /doc (which means that the first checkout may take a while). Also, I've fixed the problems with using AJAX for the ratings—we had just forgotten to include the necessary Javascript in the layout.
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