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Effortless Etags and Ctags with Git

Inspired by Tim Pope's blog entry Effortless Ctags with Git

This is a collection of hooks and a bit of Emacs Lisp to make it easy to keep an old-school tags file up-to-date while using git. Updating, rebasing, changing branches... it will silently update your tags file in the background.

I have made a few notable changes

First, out of the box it is set up to generate an etags file and a ctags file. I did this because I mostly use Emacs but not exclusively, and it seemed easier to share a general solution instead of two almost-identical solutions. It is trivial to remove one or the other to meet your needs.

Second, it works with Exuberant Ctags, Emacs Etags, and BSD ctags. There are helpful variables in the 'etags' script to specify a path and/or arguments to pick the right one, in case you happen to have multiple versions installed. A couple examples of doing things unusually:

  • ETAGS="ctags -e" will use Exuberent Ctags from your PATH in etags mode to generate the tags file for Emacs.
  • CTAGS=/Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/bin-x86_64-10_9/ctags will use the ctags from your copy of Emacs for Mac OS X to generate the tags file for Vi.

Third, and this is minor, instead of generating .git/TAGS for Emacs, it generates .git/ETAGS for use on MacOS X with case-insensitive filenames. Fortunately the included Emacs lisp for finding the tags file is aware of this. It continues to use the convention of .git/tags for the ctags file, which I understand works with vim-git, but it's not a thing that has so far particularly concerned me.

Getting started

For your editor, if appropriate, take a look at vim-git or find-git-etags.el included in this repository. Of course many other editors support these formats, perhaps you can easily configure them to look for a tags file under the .git directory. You can also adjust the template/hooks/etags script to drop the tags file(s) elsewhere as needed.

For git, to make it easiest you will need to set a template directory. For example, git config --global init.templatedir ~/effortless_git_tags/template will use the template directory included in this repository without modification. Then to add these hooks to existing repositories you have, simply git init in them.

This won't overwrite or update any files already present, so if your local repositories already have some of these hooks, you will need to merge the simple one-liners included in this repository with your existing hooks.

Moderately tested, use at your own risk

I have used or intend to use this primarily on MacOS X and Linux. If it comes up that I'm working with git in Emacs on Windows again, I'll try to make it behave there too. Patches gratefully accepted.