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Simple yet powerful audio player & converter for FreeBSD/Linux/macOS
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Mous Player



  • Lightweight
  • Extensible plugins
  • Reasonable dependencies
  • Support FreeBSD, Linux, macOS


1. mous-qt

  • Foobar2000 like
  • Audio format conversion
  • Tag & cover art editor
  • Charset conversion
  • Qt 5 is the only dependency

2. mous-ncurses

  • Client-server model
  • Vim like key binding
  • File explorer
  • Multi playlists
  • Low memory consumption
  • Play in background
  • Charset conversion
  • Ncurses is the only dependency

3. mous-cli

  • Has no dependency at all


Name Capability Dependency
alsa ALSA output -
oss OSS output -
coreaudio Core Audio codec & output -
sndio sndio output sndio
taglib audio meta-data read & write taglib
lpcm LPCM codec (*.wav) -
mpg123 MP3 decoding (*.mp3) mpg123
lame MP3 encoding (*.mp3) lame
fdk-aac AAC codec (*.m4a, *.mp4) fdk-aac, mp4v2
alac ALAC codec (*.m4a, *.mp4) alac (bundled), mp4v2
wavpack WavPack codec (*.wv) wavpack
vorbis Ogg Vorbis codec (*.ogg) vorbis, vorbisfile
opus Ogg Opus codec (*.opus) opus, opusfile
flac FLAC codec (*.flac) flac
mac Monkey's Audio codec (*.ape) MAC (bundled)
libcue Cue sheet parser (*.cue) libcue


FreeBSD Ports:

cd /usr/ports/audio/mous/
make config
make install clean

FreeBSD pkg:

pkg install audio/mous


The 2-Clause BSD License



ncurses application 1 ncurses application 2


qt application 1 qt application 2 qt application 3

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