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wraithbot 0.0.1

This is the Team Veneration / Clan iCu* IRC bot running on gamesurge in #team-veneration, #icu and #ftwgl. I started this because I was tired of xqf and qstat and wanted a way to query servers with filters for certain clans. Since everyone can see the output, it's more social and we get more people to join that way. It also has filters to report when pubs have bots (yuck) or when mid to top tier clans are playing.

The setup isn't the greatest. I started off with a small script to query game servers and it grew from there. These should probably be plugins like other IRC bots use.


20:21 <@undeadzy> !ctf
20:21 <@wraithbot> UrT East            CTF 21/24 abbey   
20:21 <@wraithbot> wTf SD              CTF  8/20 abbey  4 bots
20:21 <@wraithbot> Spray and Pray      CTF 19/22 turnpike       1 iCu*
20:21 <@wraithbot> fidelitas           CTF  6/16 elgin

20:25 <undeadzy> !help
20:25 <wraithbot> Available commands (restricted to certain servers): !ts, !ctf, !bomb, !servers_status, !players <server name|IP>, !meow, !rawr, !fortune, !fortune_off, !isms

20:26 <undeadzy> !server_status
20:26 <wraithbot> Online: wTf SD, VeX, UrT East, LA (GS) iCu*, Dallas (PP) iCu*, Call of Nooby, Dallas (Seph) iCu*, THC, eVo, Pro UrT East, Casatown, Spray and Pray, Reserve Casatown, NRG, fidelitas, =jF=, FTW pub

20:26 <undeadzy> !players urt
20:26 <wraithbot> UrT East ( = <list of users here>

Note that recent versions have smarter filtering so it doesn't restrict the input unnecessarily.


Most of the configuration that can rapidly change (TS3 servers, UrT servers, or clans) are in the conf/ directory.

The rcon configuration is INI style and never committed to here.


This is an IRC bot using irssi. It uses Perl because that's all irssi supports. I opted for writing an IRC bot in Perl for irssi versus standalone clients like gozerbot, phenny, supybot, etc because this is a full fledged client with all the nice features of irssi.

If you're looking for an IRC client to use without a bot, irssi is the best one that I have found.

This bot requires a number of packages in order to run. It's designed for an Unix-like operating system. I use it with Debian.


You'll need the following programs:

  • irssi
  • perl
  • fortune # optional

And these Perl modules

  • Config::IniFiles
  • Net::Telnet
  • Text::Wrap
  • Readonly
  • IPC::System::Simple
  • DateTime::Format::Natural
  • String::Approx
  • Net::GitHub
  • Date::Parse
  • version 0.77 or above

These are needed for some tests but not the execution

  • Perl::Critic
  • Perl::Critic::Utils
  • Test::Perl::Critic


To load this bot, place everything in ~/.irssi/scripts and then run:

/script load urt_bot

If you want to unload the bot, use:

/script reset

as this will unload everything. If you only do:

/script unload urt_bot

then it doesn't unload everything because we're loading modules.


If you know the client port and server query port, you can add TS3 servers to the list.

Here's how you can check. This is an example of a server with a functioning server query but insufficient permissions for guests.

me@wraithbot:~/github/wraithbot/wraithbot$ telnet W.X.Y.Z 10011
Trying W.X.Y.Z...
Connected to W.X.Y.Z.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery interface, type "help" for a list of commands and "help <command>" for information on a specific command.
use port=9987
error id=0 msg=ok
error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=8474
Connection closed by foreign host.

You may also see this situation depending on the permissions:

me@wraithbot:~/github/wraithbot/wraithbot$ telnet W.X.Y.Z 10011
Trying W.X.Y.Z...
Connected to W.X.Y.Z.
Escape character is '^]'.

and then it hangs there. In either case, change these permissions and it should work.

To enable permissions for guests, use these in the GUI:

Permissions -> Server Groups -> Guest

On the right side, select Permissions (Detailed) -> Virtual Server -> Information and enable these:

  • View virtual server info
  • View virtual server connection info
  • View list of existing channels
  • View list of clients online


I deliberately use IPs rather than hostnames in all areas. This is because I didn't want someone to change their DNS entry to point to another IP and have the bot try to connect to it.

It only supports TS3 currently because that's what 90% of the UrT clans use.


I get 3 of these on the first call to @servers. I have found lots of people with the same problem but no one has an answer. It doesn't appear to affect anything.

Can't locate package Irssi::Nick for @Irssi::Irc::Nick::ISA at <PATH> line <XYZ>.

It's an open bug since 2005:

If you modify this, try to make the output as condensed as possible to avoid client/server buffering.

Be careful with regex that reference channels. I'm using /x which makes '#' a comment. You need to either use quotemeta or escape the '#' so it doesn't effectively end the regex.