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I've archived this project since Remarkable changed their backend API. There's an experimental branch with partial support for the new API if any one is interested in continuing from there. Alternatively, you might wish to try using rmapi in combination with rclone.


Apps Script library for synchronising Google Drive folder with Remarkable cloud storage.

Files kept in Remarkable's cloud storage are automatically synchronised with your Remarkable device.

Thanks to splitbrain who did the initial reverse engineering of Remarkable's cloud API.


  1. Go to and click on "New Project". Click in menu "File/Rename" and provide suitable name, eg "Sync Google Drive Books to Remarkable".

    1. Option 1 - Include library from Apps Script Click in menu "Resources/Libraries" and in "Add a library" paste "1_ftsHelqnCqBXAwFAOv3U-WUUm_n3_nENg7n6BrDDzze7EekBD9vmf-0" without the double quotes. In version drop down choose "Stable" or version "14" Then press "Save" button.

    2. Option 2 - Copy the code files from this repository into your Apps Script project being careful to rename the *.js files to *.gs files.

  2. Create a folder at top level in your Remarkable device called "Google Drive".

  3. In your file paste the following code:

     function run_sync() {
       // one time code from
       let rOneTimeCode = "abcdwxyz";
       let gdFolderSearchParams = "title = 'Books' and mimeType = 'application/'";
       let syncMode = "mirror";
       RemarkableGoogleDriveSyncLib.syncGoogleDriveWithRemarkableCloud(rOneTimeCode, gdFolderSearchParams, "Google Drive", syncMode);

    Change the rOneTimeCode to include a one time code obtained from Also change the name "Books" in gdFolderSearchParams to the name of your Google Drive folder that contains your relevant PDFs. You can also replace the gdFolderSearchParams with a Google Drive folder ID. syncMode can be either "update" or "mirror" with mirroring also deleting files from Remarkable device if not found in same location on Google Drive.

  4. Click the menu "Run/Run function/run_sync"; you will be prompted for Authorization. Click Review Permissions and select your Google account. You will be prompted that the app isn't verified. Click the Advanced hyperlink and choose "Go to (unsafe)". Choose Allow to the permissions shown.

  5. View the execution log of your project to check everything appears to be working.

  6. Set up a regular trigger by click in menu "Edit/Current project's triggers". Click "+ Add Trigger" button. Choose run_sync function and select "Time-driver", "Hour timer", "Every hour" and "Notify me daily" then press Save.

That should be it!


  1. If you need to reset your authentication credentials, in your paste the following code:

     function reset() {

    Run the above reset function and update the rOneTimeCode with a new obtained from Remarkable's devices page.


  • This is a one way sync from Google Drive to Remarkable.
  • Files greater than 50MB in size are not transferred. This appears to be a limit set by reMarkable.


Apps Script library for synchronising Google Drive folder with Remarkable reader.



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