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# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :
# --------------------------------------------------------------
# What is this Vagrantfile file?
# ------------------------------
# This Vagrant file is input to the Vagrant software. See: .
# The instructions in this file cause Vagrant to create a virtual web server on the host PC and load
# web pages onto it from GitHub. It demonstrates how one can bring up a server with a data driven website
# from a single Vagrantfile.
# What happens when Vagrant is run with this file?
# ------------------------------------------------
# Vagrant will create a pre-configured virtual linux server with a handy LAMP stack already installed.
# Also, this file has a shell script that will fetch two web pages from GitHub.
# The home page will be a miniature data driven website that enables the display and maintanence of
# key value pairs. The scotchbox page will describe the features of the server.
# Tell me more about Vagrant!
# ---------------------------
# Besides helping to automate the installation and configuration of servers, Vagrant makes it possible to
# to install identically configured virtual servers on developer's, tester's and administrator's PCs.
# Vagrant supports bi-directional syncronized folders with the PC and the virtual server so that development
# and testing may conviently be done using PC based editors - while the server is running.
# How was this Vagrantfile developed?
# ------------------------------------
# It was developed on a two year old midrange Lenovo Intel i5 laptop now running Windows 10.
# The starting point for this file was the Vagrantfile from Scotch Box 2.5 - see:
# For more information about Scotch Box see:
# The Scotch Box Vagrantfile was then modified by adding the inline shell script below. The script
# clones source code from GitHub into a /tmp directory on the virtual server.
# It then copies a selected web page file from the /tmp/<git user> directory up to the ...www/public
# directory on the virtual web server.
# The script was iteratively edited and tested using the command: vagrant provision --provision-with shell
# Development and testing was done while:
# - This file was open in my source editor
# - The virtual server was up and running and able to serve web pages (command: vagrant up)
# - A browser window (Chrome) was open to the virtual server
# - An ssh session was open on the virtual server to list and delete files for testing (command: vagrant ssh)
# - A file manager window on my PC was open to the syncronized public folder to view, modify and delete files for testing
# The point is that script development in the Vagrantfile virtual server environment is very user friendly!
# The single page, data driven website this brings up was written especially for this project.
# The website simply displays and maintains a set of key value pairs.
# See source code at:
# How do I run this file and bring up the website?
# ------------------------------------------------
# 1. Work through the software installation prerequesites in the getting started guide at
# 2. Put this file (named Vagrantfile no extension) into an empty test folder on your PC
# 3. Open a CMD window and CD (change directory) to that new test folder
# 4. At the CMD prompt in that folder issue the command: Vagrant up
# Note: This will take several minutes and there will be quite a few messages that
# scroll by in the command window.
# 5. If all seemed to work out so far do the following tests:
# Test 1: Verify you receive a web page about key value maintanance at
# Test 2: Verify you can edit the website on your PC from the test folder's public/index.php file
# Test 3: Verify the Scotch Box page is up at by pasting into your browser
# --------------------------------------------------------------
# Inline Shell Script
# -------------------
# The script below does the following on the guest virtual scotch box (not your PC):
# 1. Make and change to the following directory: /tmp/bseaver
# 2. Get demonstration code via GitHub
# 3. Copy the mini demonstration folder into the virtual scotch box's website
# 4. With the delete_first="false" parameter setting it avoids overwriting files in case one has modified them
$script = <<SCRIPT
# First, let user know initial Vagrant Shell Script error is not a concern
echo 'You can ignore the above red line: "stdin: is not a tty".'
echo "(It is a known non-issue. See"
# Define function to install files on virtual server from GitHub
function install_files_from_github () {
local delete_first="${1}"
local destpath="${2}"
local filename="${3}"
local workpath="${4}"
local sourcepath="${5}"
local gitrepo="${6}"
if [ "$delete_first" = "true" ]; then
echo "Deleting ""$workpath"" ..."
rm -R -f "$workpath"
echo "Deleting ""$destpath$filename"" ..."
rm -R -f "$destpath$filename"
# Dont overwrite destination file (it could be modified)
if [ -e "$destpath$filename" ]; then
echo "$destpath$filename"" - already exists. Not overwriting."
# Don't overwrite source file either (it too could be modified)
if [ ! -e "$workpath$sourcepath$filename" ]; then
echo "Changing to ""$workpath"" directory ..."
mkdir -p "$workpath"
cd "$workpath"
echo "Downloading files from ""$gitrepo"" ..."
git clone "$gitrepo"
echo "Copying downloaded web page up to website directory ..."
mkdir -p "$destpath"
cp -v "$workpath$sourcepath$filename" "$destpath"
# Function call to install mini data driven key value website
destpath="/var/www/public/"; filename="index.php"
workpath="/tmp/bseaver"; sourcepath="/Demonstration-Projects/mini/"
echo " "
install_files_from_github ${delete_first} ${destpath} ${filename} ${workpath} ${sourcepath} ${gitrepo}
# Function call to install Scotch Box home page
destpath="/var/www/public/scotchbox/"; filename="index.php"
workpath="/tmp/scotch-io"; sourcepath="/scotch-box/public/"
echo " "
install_files_from_github ${delete_first} ${destpath} ${filename} ${workpath} ${sourcepath} ${gitrepo}
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "scotch/box" "private_network", ip: ""
config.vm.hostname = "scotchbox"
config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/var/www", :mount_options => ["dmode=777", "fmode=666"]
# Optional NFS. Make sure to remove other synced_folder line too
#config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/var/www", :nfs => { :mount_options => ["dmode=777","fmode=666"] }
# Install data driven website on the scotch box
config.vm.provision "shell", inline: $script