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Power a Silex, Twig Website from Google Drive CMS

By Benjamin T. Seaver


Prototype PHP site whose data is supplied by Google Drive CMS see

Initial Goals:

  • Do the minimum PHP coding to demonstrate a website based upon data collected into a JSON object by Google Drive CMS.

  • Use Silex for routing with 1's based array indices for dynamic routes.

  • Use Twig templates for each route.

  • Update the website's content with a post route.

Setup Requirements

Installation Instructions

  • Clone project.
  • From project root, run $ composer install --prefer-source --no-interaction
  • To run website using installed PHP:
    • From web folder in project, run $ php -S localhost:8000.
    • In web browser open localhost:8000.

Known Bugs

  • No known bugs

Support and contact details

  • No support

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Composer
  • Silex
  • Twig
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git

Copyright (c)

  • 2017 Benjamin T. Seaver


  • MIT

Implementation Plan

  • Install dependencies (composer.json, composer.lock, .gitignore)
  • Create Silex framework (web/index.php, app/app.php)
  • Create PUT or POST route to receive json input
  • Create GET routes to output data
  • Style a little to engage imagination
  • Cache images stored on Google User Content on website to avoid rate limits

End specifications