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Welcome to Pygmentizr!

Pygmentizr provides a web service for syntax highlighting your code.

How to use Pygmentizr?

It's really simple. Just send a HTTP POST request to with the following parameters:

  • code: Your source code.
  • language: The programming language of your source code.


  • nowrap: Set to 1 if you don't want the wrap the highlighted code in a div and pre element.

In response Pygmentizr sends the highlighted source code as HTML to your client.

Supported languages

Pygmentizr supports many, many programming languages, template languages and markup languages.

You can find a complete list on the Pygments home page.

Pygmentizr will respond with an error message if you attempt to use an unsupported language.

The technology of Pygmentizr

Pygmentizr is written in Python and is build on top the micro framework Flask. As the name implies Pygmentizr uses the Python library Pygments for syntax highlighting.

The source

You can browse the source code of Pygmentizr on GitHub.

Feel free to fork Pygmentizr!