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Basic Parameter Validator for PHP
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Basic Parameter Validator


What it sounds like. A very simple validation library. Validates the following types:

  • integers
  • decimals / floats
  • strings
  • booleans
  • arrays
  • nested arrays
  • any combination of the above


Instantiate a validator with your schema using the class constants

$validator = new ParameterValidator(array('I Require A String' => ParameterValidator::STR, 'I Require An Array' => ParameterValidator::ARR));

Use the valiate function to validate an array of parameters

// this will return true
$validator->validate(array('I Require A String' => 'a string', 'I Require An Array' => array('an array')));

// this will throw a ParameterException
$validator->validate(array('I Require A String' => 'a string', 'I Require An Array' => 'Not an array')));

// so will this
$validator->validate(array('I do not exist' => true));

Combining Types

Pipe validator constants together to accept multiple types of parameters

$validator = new ParameterValidator(array('I Require A Decimal Or Array' => ParameterValidator::ARR|ParameterValidator::DEC));

// This will pass
$validator->validate(array('I Require A Decimal Or Array' => 3.14159));

// So will this
$validator->validate(array('I Require A Decimal Or Array' => array('why would something ever need to accept a decimal or array?')));

Nest That Shiznit

$validator = new ParameterValidator(array('options' => array('name' => ParameterValidator::STR, 'age' => ParameterValidator::INT)));

// This will pass
$validator->validate(array('options' => array('name' => 'Brent Shaffer', 'age' => 25)));

// This will not
$validator->validate(array('options' => array('name' => 'Brent Shaffer', 'age' => "Like I'd ever tell you!")));

// Nor will this
$validator->validate(array('options' => array('name' => 'Brent Shaffer', 'age' => 25, 'looks' => 'very young for my age')));


  • Add Required
  • Add Enums, ETC
  • Add Regex
  • Add a dissertation on whether or not this is still basic if these other things are added
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